MOVIES: “It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.” – LOVE

Love is commonly romanced. It is embraced by movies as the one thing that will end, or start, all wars. The journey to find love is immediate, a glimpse of his smile or just a skip of a heartbeat. Movies circle around the love that must be found again, after something interferes with it like circumstance, time or a quarrel, or how to embrace the one you love. Regarding the love found in someone, it never turns out to be the next girl, but that girl. Women fall in love with the story, with the man and with the idealistic romance movies provide.

Movies show us, the audience, how love should be or how we must chase or embrace love and romance and life.

If this was a movie…

Girl, let’s call her Kay, falls in love with a boy, let’s call him John. She writes him a letter to tell him how she feels. He reads it, but feels nothing. He isn’t ready for a relationship, he says. She tries to understand, nods and walks away. After a few months, or years, realizes that he feels something, an indescribable feeling. He then texts her with hope that she still feels the same way. She does. She never really got over him. They message each other. A few nights till 3 A.M. (This is usually where the movie gets its happily ever after. Love that stands through time.) Kay feels that this may go further. John, on the other hand doesn’t know if he is up for something serious and distance himself from their chats and from Kay. He then starts to date juniors – insecurity and commitment issues. Kay gets over him, starts to date, but something in her longs to an unknown. She then realises that she still feels something for John. Is John ready to dump the junior he is dating, with his insecurities and commitment issues, to let fate finally seize the day?

If life was a movie…


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