Something old, something new, something blue.

I know what you were thinking. But, no. This isn’t a wedding. This is your typical Monday thoughts.

It is a day some people dream of, and yet it is also the day most men are frightened by. Let me explain why Monday is just another wedding day…

Anew: Every week begins with Monday. Therefore, a new life, a new journey, another chance is represented by this day. For example, On Monday I will start my diet or go to the gym. “The wedding is just the start of a new life, together.”

Cold feet: On Sunday evening, you will reflect on the past week and plan the following week. Most people dread the thought of Monday morning. They are not motivated to climb out of bed Monday morning and look the world in the eyes. Society fears Mondays.

Something old: Something old represents continuity and endurance. Every Monday is the same old Monday. Same routine. Same melancholy.

Something new: Something new offers optimism for the future. Some people put their hopes and goals on Monday. Perhaps a new week will be a better week. Perhaps this week I will be motivated to go to the gym.

Something borrowed: Something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness. But there is nothing joyful on a Monday morning stuck in traffic or being late. Mondays only borrow the change of date. 15 MAY – 22 MAY – 29 MAY. But it is still a Monday – blue as usual.

Something blue: Something blue opportune for purity, love, and fidelity. Blue is the sky to whom I ask why… Blues is a term used in music to express sadness through transparency and honesty. Blue is the term of melancholy and depression.

Tux (Penguin suit): Monday is a bird of a different feather, when considered the rest of the week.

“Monday is like a math problem (and a marriage). Add the irritation (of a spouse), subtract the sleep (late nights 😉 and children), multiply the problems (work, life, family), divide the happiness (fights).”

Enjoy your marriage… I mean, Monday!


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