Something old, something new, something blue.

I know what you were thinking. But, no. This isn’t a wedding. This is your typical Monday thoughts.

It is a day some people dream of, and yet it is also the day most men are frightened by. Let me explain why Monday is just another wedding day…

Anew: Every week begins with Monday. Therefore, a new life, a new journey, another chance is represented by this day. For example, On Monday I will start my diet or go to the gym. “The wedding is just the start of a new life, together.”

Cold feet: On Sunday evening, you will reflect on the past week and plan the following week. Most people dread the thought of Monday morning. They are not motivated to climb out of bed Monday morning and look the world in the eyes. Society fears Mondays.

Something old: Something old represents continuity and endurance. Every Monday is the same old Monday. Same routine. Same melancholy.

Something new: Something new offers optimism for the future. Some people put their hopes and goals on Monday. Perhaps a new week will be a better week. Perhaps this week I will be motivated to go to the gym.

Something borrowed: Something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness. But there is nothing joyful on a Monday morning stuck in traffic or being late. Mondays only borrow the change of date. 15 MAY – 22 MAY – 29 MAY. But it is still a Monday – blue as usual.

Something blue: Something blue opportune for purity, love, and fidelity. Blue is the sky to whom I ask why… Blues is a term used in music to express sadness through transparency and honesty. Blue is the term of melancholy and depression.

Tux (Penguin suit): Monday is a bird of a different feather, when considered the rest of the week.

“Monday is like a math problem (and a marriage). Add the irritation (of a spouse), subtract the sleep (late nights 😉 and children), multiply the problems (work, life, family), divide the happiness (fights).”

Enjoy your marriage… I mean, Monday!


MOVIES: “It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.” – LOVE

Love is commonly romanced. It is embraced by movies as the one thing that will end, or start, all wars. The journey to find love is immediate, a glimpse of his smile or just a skip of a heartbeat. Movies circle around the love that must be found again, after something interferes with it like circumstance, time or a quarrel, or how to embrace the one you love. Regarding the love found in someone, it never turns out to be the next girl, but that girl. Women fall in love with the story, with the man and with the idealistic romance movies provide.

Movies show us, the audience, how love should be or how we must chase or embrace love and romance and life.

If this was a movie…

Girl, let’s call her Kay, falls in love with a boy, let’s call him John. She writes him a letter to tell him how she feels. He reads it, but feels nothing. He isn’t ready for a relationship, he says. She tries to understand, nods and walks away. After a few months, or years, realizes that he feels something, an indescribable feeling. He then texts her with hope that she still feels the same way. She does. She never really got over him. They message each other. A few nights till 3 A.M. (This is usually where the movie gets its happily ever after. Love that stands through time.) Kay feels that this may go further. John, on the other hand doesn’t know if he is up for something serious and distance himself from their chats and from Kay. He then starts to date juniors – insecurity and commitment issues. Kay gets over him, starts to date, but something in her longs to an unknown. She then realises that she still feels something for John. Is John ready to dump the junior he is dating, with his insecurities and commitment issues, to let fate finally seize the day?

If life was a movie…

Every song is like a painting

Whether or not you understand the art, it is still beautiful and it means something to someone.

Although not everyone understands Picasso’s paintings and artwork, it is hung in museums and exhibitions for those who understand it and who appreciate it. The same can be said about music. Although you may not understand why some singers will swear in their lyrics or why so many singers tend to sing about lust, sex and love, it is still played on the radio and many people listen to it as an anthem of some sort.

Music is divided into various genres like: Adult Contemporary, Rap, Rock, etc. If someone listens to a genre that you don’t prefer or dislike, it doesn’t make that person less important or wrong or even weird. Because everybody’s taste differs as well as what they associate them with.

Many people are labelled because of the music they listen to. ACDC can be labelled as Satanist and rock groups can be labelled as drug addicts, alcoholics or having depression. We, as society, has learned to label people and to stereotype. And it is wrong, yet it is society’s law.

We all have our own preference in music and not all of us agree about our choices. But all we can do is to accept and appreciate each other’s choices. Radio stations in South Africa is used to accommodate various groups of people’s preference.

Do you accept other people’s music?

I doubt that you completely accept all music that isn’t yours. There is some genre that you despise. Classical music, perhaps? Maybe Afrikaans songs or sokkie music? And most possibly you discourage that type of music, because it isn’t your music.

Well, it is actually the singer- and songwriter’s music. And you are actually honoured that they are willing to share their art with you. So next time you want to say something discouraging, mean or hurtful about other’s music preferences, think about what music (your music) means to you and then you’ll realize what music (their music) may mean to them.

Whether or not (your) music is like Picasso’s work, it is still an artwork and a beacon of hope, belonging and understanding.

Explaining how each song can be like a painting is actually easy when Leopold Stokowski’s words are used. “A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.”


Coffee and 2 a.m. thoughts

My best ideas come between the hour midnight and 2 a.m.. I would most probably lay in bed, awaiting to fall asleep when ideas and storylines and words and plans spiral to have me excited for the unknown. Sometimes it is an answer I have been searching for. Just was the idea to begin a blog.

At first I wanted to begin a vlog, but I didn’t have the equipment. Blogs then became my way of expressing myself through the talent and gift God has given me. I started writing at the age of 12 and ever since it feels like my blood is ink that writes the stories of the characters that are trapped inside me.

And on my phone’s memo – I write this blog as a first attempt…

I don’t like sugar-coating the facts. And that is what I want to give the reader. The truth. The realities. The facts about life, love, hope, words, change, ambition and more…

So pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy or reflect on my blogs.